“Most of what she told me about herself is a cover story. She is a British Intelligence Officer. How far would she go to get information out of me? The answer is, quite far.”

A young woman is found dead. Her sister sets out to find out what happened, and stumbles into a world of secrets and subterfuge that makes her question who Justine really was. How well can you ever know someone who lies for a living?

“An ingenious thriller about spies, surveillance and doubleness, immaculately staged by Blanche McIntyre” Guardian, 23 Oct 2013

“An impressively fluent and dynamic piece of theatre… a play that relentlessly exposes the extent to which life itself – identity, personality, family, love, hate, desire, even work – becomes increasingly meaningless, when people… gradually lose all contact with the sharp and beautiful tang of truth” The Scotsman, 13 Nov 2013

Dawn King‘s debut play Foxfinder was “thrillingly original” (Time Out), “a contender for new play of the year” (Guardian) and a “spell-binding dystopian parable” (Independent). Now, in Ciphers, she has written a smart and provocative thriller about spies, double agents, and the opaqueness of the human soul.

“With its twists and turns and its dark secrets, this is a play that thrills”
Daily Telegraph, on Foxfinder.

Blanche McIntyre (“rising directoral star” – Time Out) directed the much-lauded world premiere of Foxfinder. She was named Most Promising Newcomer at the Critics’ Circle Awards 2012, and her most recent production was a wildly-acclaimed staging of Chekhov’s The Seagull for Headlong. Ciphers will be designed by James Perkins.

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a picture of a woman being watched through a camera lens, to the side of it there is a zoomed in version of the same image of the woman staring into the distance

Recommended for ages 14+