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‘Why aren’t people angry? They were robbed. What was theirs was given away. What was foredoomed to fail failed. And they aren’t angry’

In 1991, before an election they did not expect to win, the Conservative government made a fateful decision to privatise the railways. Now, twelve years later, we subsidise the industry more lavishly than ever before.
David Hare tells the remarkable story of a dream gone sour. He and actors from Out of Joint gathered together the first-hand accounts of those most intimately involved – from every level of the system.
Funny, tragic, compelling – their voices become an extraordinary parable of British mismanagement, which raises questions about the recent history of the country.

Cast: Flaminia Cinque, Nigel Cooke, Matthew Dunster, Souad Faress, Sam Graham, Lloyd Hutchinson, Kika Markham, Bella Merlin and Ian Redford.

Director: Max Stafford-Clark Designer: William Dudley Lightning: Johanna Town Sound: Paul Arditti

‘audiences have been stunned and moved to tears’ – The Observer.

‘This is a drama that stirs indignation and pity in equal measure, political theatre that transcends the old conflicts between Right and Left to condemn the whole mindset and attitudes of those allegedly running our nation’s affairs. It is, by a mile, the most significant and revealing new play of the year. If you want to understand why Britain isn’t working, you need to see The Permanent Way.’ – Daily Telegraph

‘If you seriously want simultaneously to be challenged stimulated, provoked and saddened, do not miss The Permanent Way.’ – The Independent

‘Welcome to inflammatory theatre.’ – Evening Standard