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Round my way, the boys would drive to the top of the car park – they’d drive to the edge full speed. I wanted to get involved. They said oh aye Sarah, no bother – if you sit on Gerro’s knee, he’ll hold you nice and tight. Well, I thought to myself, that sounds like a full breach of health and safety regulations.

So I joined the army.

I drive the car now lads. And get paid to do it.

Kate Bowen’s taut thriller about the first generation of British women in close combat roles looks at gender politics in the world’s most dangerous workplace.

Directed by Kate Wasserberg.

Kate Bowen is the recipient of a New Writer’s Award and Channel 4 Playwrights Bursary. Kate Wasserberg is Out of Joint’s Artistic Director and founder of the award-winning The Other Room.

Poster image: photo by Helen Murray