a young woman and older man in a bath together

Duck, by Stella Feehily

Out of Joint has considerable touring experience, to all scales of theatre, in the UK and across the world.

Our sets are designed and packed with extensive touring in mind. We are used to the logistics of moving multiple versions of a show to tight deadlines and over long distances. Where necessary, we can oversee the sourcing or making of equipment in local venues, providing detailed technical requirements and the on-site support of a production manager.

The standard playing area for our shows is 8m across x 7m deep x 5m high – although we can adjust to fit.

For lighting we usually need about 100 channels of dimming, operated on a computerised desk. Venues should supply a good standard of lighting stock, although we can supplement venue equipment with our own and tend to bring with us any complex or non-standard equipment. Sound equipment is usually toured with us.

We need 16 hours to fit up our shows, which includes time to rig lighting and for a technical rehearsal. Where time is short, lighting can be pre-rigged.

Our production manager will advise you on the practicalities and suitability of a show for your venue at the outset, and is always available to assist with planning and logistics.

Since 1994, Out of Joint has played in the following towns and cities, many of them several times:

A man performing at night in a garden with tropical plants

Macbeth in Nigeria

Aberystwyth, Wales
Abuja, Nigeria
Adelaide, Australia
Bath, England
Batley, England
Belfast, N. Ireland
Berkhamsted, England
Birmingham, England
Blackpool, England
Bolton, England
Bombay, India
Bonn, Germany
Bracknell, England
Bradford, England
Brighton, England
Bristol, England
Brussels, Belgium
Bury St Edmunds, England
Cairo, Egypt
Calcutta, India
Cambridge, England
Canterbury, England
Cardiff, Wales
Cheltenham, England
Chester, England
Chichester, England
Coimbra , Portugal
Colchester, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cork, Ireland
Coventry, England
Crawley, England
Crickhowell, Wales
Dublin, Ireland
Eastbourne, England
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edmonton, Canada
Exeter, England
Florence, Italy
Glasgow, Scotland
Gold Coast, Australia
Gothenburg, Sweden
Guanajuato, Mexico
Guildford, England

a street in an old European town at dusk

The Hague, 2008

The Hague, Netherlands
Helsinki, Finland
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Huddersfield, England
Hull, England
Ipswich, England
Jerusalem, Israel
Lancaster, England
Leeds, England
Leicester, England
Lichfield, England
Lincoln, England
Lisbon, Portugal
Liverpool, England
Lagos, Nigeria
London, England
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Madras, India
Malvern, England
Manchester, England
Melbourne, Australia
Milan, Italy
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Monash, Australia
Moscow, Russia
Newbury, England
Newcastle, Australia
Newcastle, England
New Delhi, India
New Haven, USA
New York, USA
Northampton, England
Norwich, England
Nottingham, England
Oporto, Portugal
Oxford, England
Paris, France
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Plymouth, England
Poole, England
Rakvere, Estonia
Redhill, England
Richmond, England
Salisbury, England
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sheffield, England
Southampton, England
Springfield, USA
St Petersburg, Russia
Swansea, Wales
Sydney, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Toronto, Canada
Tunbridge Wells, England
Vancouver, Canada
Vilnius, Lithuania
Watford, England
Wellington, New Zealand
Westcliff, England
Woking, England
Worthing, England
York, England